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Equator Snow Lodge

Equator Snow Lodge

Equator Snow Lodge is a luxury facility. That offers a unique and unforgettable experience for adventurers seeking a peaceful place to stay. This boutique lodge defies expectations. Offering guests the chance to experience snow-capped peaks and alpine landscapes in a region known more for its equatorial climate.

Equator snow lodge is located on the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains and its just 2.3Km from the centre of Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Kasese. The Lodge built parallel to Mubuku River.  And its one of Uganda’s Lodges surrounded by exceptional eco system of Rwenzori Mountains.

The lodge is home to trekkers, hikers and adventurous visitors. Equator Snow Lodge is composed of spacious mountain cabins, fire place and wooden decks. At a close distance are natural hot springs believed to have healing water and ideal for rejuvenation.


The Lodge has 4 excellently built cabins with big comfortable beds. Each room has a private bathroom, a fireplace, and a seating area. The rooms have twin beds, double beds to offer the luxurious feel in area recognized on the world heritage list. Each room is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort and coziness. Complete with modern amenities and panoramic vistas of the snow-capped peaks.


Dinning at the Lodge is an opportunity to taste the rich flavors of Ugandan cuisine. The lodge’s culinary team takes pride in showcasing the diverse flavors and ingredients. That the region has to offer, sourcing fresh produce from local markets and incorporating traditional cooking techniques into every dish. In addition, the Lodge also offers international cuisines for our international guests.


Trekking and Hiking

This is one of the main activities of Equator Snow Lodge. Guests have the opportunity to embark on guided treks and hikes. Led by experienced local guides, exploring the park’s network of trails and discovering hidden gems along the way.

Whether you’re scaling snow-capped peaks, going through lush valleys, or marveling at cascading waterfalls, each trek offers a chance to connect with nature in a profound and meaningful way. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the park’s unique flora and fauna, including rare species found nowhere else on Earth.

Bird Watching

The Rwenzori Mountains are a haven for birdwatchers, with over 200 species of birds calling the region home. Equator Snow Lodge offers guided bird watching excursions led by knowledgeable local experts, providing guests with the opportunity to observe and learn about the diverse avian life that inhabits the area. Guests get an opportunity to sight birds like Rwenzori turaco, Rwenzori batis, regal sunbird, Shelley’s crimsonwing, Blue-headed sunbird, Rwenzori hill babbler, Handsome Spurfowl etc.

Cultural Encounters

Uganda is also a home to rich cultures and traditions, each with its own unique customs, music, and dance. Equator Snow Lodge offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture through a variety of enriching experiences.

Visit nearby villages and meet with members of the indigenous Bakonjo community, learning about their way of life, traditions, and the important role they play in conserving the natural environment. Take part in traditional dance performances, drumming circles, and storytelling sessions, gaining insight into the history and heritage of this vibrant culture.

Relaxation and Wellness

After a day of adventure and exploration, Equator Snow Lodge offers a range of wellness activities and amenities to help guests rejuvenate body, mind, and soul.

Indulge in a soothing massage or spa treatment, using natural ingredients sourced from the surrounding area to nourish and revitalize your skin. Take a dip in the lodge’s heated swimming pool or soak in a hot tub under the stars, surrounded by the tranquility of the mountains.