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Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion and Road Trip

Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion and Road Trip

This will be your gateway welcome phrase right from Entebbe International Airport to the cities of Uganda. Uganda is a land of excitingly dense population, the most famous mode of transport being by road. However, Uganda hasn’t utilized most of her potential resources. In order to put transportation on another level like how it can be in the Western World. But surely you will be at your destination somewhat.

Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa,” has too much street food.  That will make you want more and more of it. For instance:  Rolex, Muchomo (roasted chicken, roasted beef, roasted liver) roasted plantain, chapatti, chips, roasted maize, G-nuts, sugar cane. And a lot of fruits including water melons, jack fruits, pineapples, passion fruits, the list is endless.

Being in Uganda will open your mind towards the people of East Africa, Uganda has the most beautiful, friendliest, welcoming, warm and as well as  humble people you will ever meet. During your transfers from the Airport, the roads are not only used by vehicles. But also commercial motor cycles which are called “Boda Bodas”. These can drop and pick you up from anywhere by the main road or even inner routes. Meanwhile, they normally range from 1000UGX and above and the most reliable Boda Company called “Safe Boda,” you can download their app and access as many riders as you might need and you can select the most nearest to you.

One on one with the Street food venders

Well, these at times can be very aggressive especially along the highway routes, Masaka, Jinja and many others. By a glance of a tour vehicle approaching to them, they will all swam in to bargain!! Don’t be scared! You only have to buy what interests you, these snacks are hot and ready from fire, and you can enjoy one of your choice. These include;

Roasted Chicken

Fresh roasted Chicken can be enjoyed at Namawojolo on Jinja – Iganga – Mbale highway, you can have a stopover for recess and refreshments, stretching of legs and the whole body before another road trip to your desired destination.

The famous Rolex

Rolex is a popular Ugandan recipe or street food (snack) that is enjoyed by all people whether rich or poor. It involves eating a chapatti combined with fried eggs and some tomatoes, onions & cabbage. Uganda is well known for its tasty dishes from all the cultures and tribes, but none comes close in popularity to the Rolex. This is because it is easier to make and can be had at any time by anyone. Street food is one great way of experiencing any new place and there is nothing more street food in Uganda than a Rolex, so give it a try on your visit.

The name ‘ROLEX’ is thought to have derived from ‘rolled eggs’ which is fitting given that the eggs omelet is rolled together inside a chapatti and you can wash it down by any drink of your choice and in Uganda regardless of where you are, you can find it.


Muchomo is roasted chicken, beef, goat, liver or pork. It is usually served with roasted plantain (Gonja), roasted matooke fingers and kachumbari (tomato salsa and Chilli peppers). The meat is chopped, marinated and roasted on skewers over open fires. Muchomo is mostly roadside or street food but can also be found in restaurants and bars.

Ugandan pineapple

Have you tasted this especially on a hot day? Well, this is why you need this road trip for the street foods of Uganda. The Golden Ugandan Pineapples are the best, a Notch above the rest. The Bursting with taste and zesty pineapples are one reason visitors keep returning to Uganda, the versatile Ugandan pineapple came from Asia but was perfected in Uganda due to a mixture of Tropical sunshine and the suitable soil in the Pear of Africa, “You have not eaten a pineapple until you have eaten one from Uganda!!!”

Roasted plantain (Gonja)

Plantains are one of Uganda’s favorite foods of all time, they’re naturally sweet, seriously addictive and packed with nutrients and fiber. Chances are that if you’ve been so lucky to have tried them, you’re also in love. This delicacy can be found on the road sides in most suburbs, homes as well as restaurants and hotels.


These are seasonal and normally come in the rainy seasons particularly November. When it a season for these delicacies, after harvesting, they are prepared by removing its legs and wings, then pan fried! You can add a little salt and any other spices of your choice to taste.

It may not seem like an obvious place for it, but the street food scene in Uganda is lively and kicking, try it and create a memory of a lifetime!!!