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Uganda Car Number Plates

Uganda Car Number Plates

Uganda Car Number Plates, Vehicle number plates, sometimes known as license plates or registration plates. Serve as distinctive identifiers for motor vehicles. These alphanumeric codes usually made of plastic or metal are affixed to the front and rear of vehicles. To ensure easy identification by the Authorities and the Public.

Beyond their functional purpose in vehicle registration and law enforcement. Number plates often bear regional symbols or unique designs thereby adding a touch of individuality to each vehicle. As an essential aspect of road safety and legal compliance. These number plates play a very crucial role in maintaining order on the streets and highways.

For years, both the Government and privately owned vehicles have violated traffic rules. Went ahead to engage in hit and run accidents. As well as some being used for their rightful purposes. Below are the several number or license plates used in Uganda and their respective attachments.

The Government

The Government just like any other individual is an operating entity entitled to own assets and among these are vehicles, machinery and wagons attached to their respective Ministries, Agencies and Departments, they are issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

A- Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, B- Electoral Commission & Human Rights Commission, C- Office of the President/ State House of Uganda, D- Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs, E- Ministry of Education and Sports, F- Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, G-Ministry of Internal Affairs, H- Parliament of Uganda/ Office of the Auditor General, I- Ministry of Ministry of East African Community Affairs, J- Ministry of Judiciary and Constitutional Affairs.

K- Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, L- Ministry of Lands and Urban Housing, M- Ministry of Health, N- Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, O- The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Q- Ministry of Public Service, R- Ministry of Local Government, S- Ministry of Water and Environment, T-  Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, U- Uganda Prisons Service, W- Ministry of Works and Transport X- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Y- Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development and Z- Office of the Prime Minister.

All statutory (established by an Act of parliament) motorcycles & motorized tricycles, motor Vehicles (Including Engineering plants), use number plates with a white color for characters and a Blue color for background. These entities for instance URA, UNRA, UCC and Uganda Free Zones Authority among others.


Security Forces (The UPDF and the Uganda Police Force)

The security apparatus are also assigned unique number plates to differentiate them from the General Public. And also enable easy identification of vehicles, the army number plates are issued by the Military Licensing Board.


Privately owned

This category also has several number plates right from those owned by individuals to privately owned entities. In this category, cars and motorcycles for entirely personal use are issued with number plates having black characters and white background for front and black characters and yellow background for the rear.

However, the Engineering plants & Agricultural tractors are issued with number plates that have red characters and a blue background for both front and rear.

Furthermore, returning residents and businesses or individuals known to be of national importance are issued with number plates having white characters against a red background. These are duty free, in other wards tax exempted. For instance the Tours and Travel businesses, non- government organizations and racing vehicles among others.


Personalized/Customized number plates

These are those number plates where individuals are given a choice to change the characters at a cost.  Thus these are normally driven by highly affluent citizens and one has up to nine characters to customize.


Country Diplomats and Consulars

High commissions, consulates and embassies are issued with number plates with a white background and blue characters for both rear and front plates.