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Traditional weddings and dowry in Uganda

Traditional weddings and dowry in Uganda

Traditional weddings and dowry in Uganda signifies an important step in life and some regard it as a milestone. Therefore, it is a special occasion that is celebrated and Uganda is not an exception of this. Traditional weddings in Uganda are given different names by each tribe and Uganda has more than 52 tribes. The common names are the Kwanjula in Luganda among the Baganda and Okuhingira among the Banyankore tribes.

Kwanjula a traditional wedding in Buganda

Kwanjula means “to introduce” and is common in Buganda culture. Where by a woman will introduce her lover (the intended husband) to her parents through her paternal auntie. It is a tradition that a girl will not approach her parents directly.  And thus through her auntie who is believed to have prepared the girl from childhood to be a good wife.

Marriages in the past

Previously, marriages were a parent issue and thus arranged by family elders. This is because they have had hands on experience and could know the best partner and the intended couple could be paired off based on such factors as relationships between families and social status. Celebrations were then made with relatives, friends and even strangers being welcomed to witness the union. The new couple would be cheered and there would be a lot of singing and hollering during the ceremonies. Making them truly lively and full of noise. This was also an occasion of giving blessings and advises to the new couple as they start their journey in marriage.

Paying Bride price and dowry in Uganda

Bride price is defined as the money or other valuables paid by the bridegroom or on his behalf to the family of the bride. In Uganda, many cultures pay differently but most of them pay in terms of money or cows. It has been a controversial topic whether paying the bride price is the same as exchange or just a replacement. However, the Banyankore believe that it is justs a gift to the family of the bride. Some cultures like Baganda offer items like food items, drinks, groceries and household items and they are regarded as direct gifts.

On the other hand, dowry is not common in Uganda as it refers to what the bride pays to the groom’s family. However, on wedding ceremonies, some gifts are offered as dowries.

Wedding attires or what to wear on weddings

Most of the ceremonies in Uganda are celebrated differently and thus dressing codes are different too. When it is an introduction ceremony, men put on Kanzgus (long dresses mainly white) while women put on gomesi.

Uganda is one of the most gifted countries and thus one of the best destinations for weddings and honeymoon vacations. You can contact our tour consultant for the best option to witness such traditional weddings or even have your own wedding in Uganda. There are very many options for you in Uganda including celebrating it on lake Victoria.