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The big 5 in Murchison falls national park

The big 5 in Murchison falls national park

The big 5 in Murchison falls national park,  Murchison falls national park is the only destination in Uganda where you can experience the big five in one day. This can be an amazing experience that one should experience in a life time. What are the big5 and why are they called big5? In the past, the big five could be shot by game hunters but today they are shot with a camera in the jungle and are free to loam in the wild with no threats.

Big games in Murchison falls national park

There are different games that you can expect in Murchison falls national park including the big four and more. These big four; Buffalo, leopard, lion and elephant are all found in Murchison falls national park. Other big games in Murchison falls include; hippos, crocodile in the Nile River, giraffes and elands among others.

Rhinos in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Ziwa rhino sanctuary is the only destination for rhino tracking in Uganda and is located in Nakasongola just on the way to Murchison falls national park. White rhinos were introduced in Uganda in 2006 and there are now 41 rhino members at the sanctuary. Besides rhinos, more wildlife is in this sanctuary like waterbucks, warthogs. Other attractions like birds (with rare shoebill stork), nature walk and other adventures. Uganda has only white rhinos and can be tracked by visitors in their natural habits any time of the day.

African Buffalo

Despite the resemblance of the cows, buffalo is the most dangerous of the big5 animals. They can ambush and attach humans though they are herbivores animals.

African buffaloes are known to have caused a lot of death in Africa since it is the wild version of a cow. It is the only animal on the big5 list that is not regarded as endangered or threatened, Murchison falls national park has plenty of African buffaloes and can be sighted during game drive.


This is a rare cat to sight due to the fact that he is good at camouflaging and a solitary animal. They can adapt in any environment ranging from dense forests, bushes, savanna grassland to deserts. Leopard is a nocturnal cat and is an excellent climber and can even descend a tree facing down. Murchison falls national park is one of the spots where leopard can be sighted.


Lion is the largest carnivores in Africa and can be spotted in Murchison falls national park. Known to spend most of the day time relaxing and sleeping, they are known to hunt at night and they freely loam in the jungle as king of the jungle. They target the neck and shoulders and thus good at suffocating the Prey before they eat it.  Thus an African Safari is never complete without sight this king of the jungle. Lions are found only in Africa and Northwest India in the world in the natural habitats.


Known as the largest mammal on earth, they live in herds with a matriarch as family head. They are known to have good memories and more intelligent wild game than any other. Elephants are herbivores though they can charge on rare occasions when they feel threatened. Elephants are also sighted in Murchison falls national park even in large numbers.

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