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Uganda Safari Tours & Holidays

Uganda Safari Tours & Holidays, Long after Western explorers certainly first walked the vibrant red soil of Uganda and coined the well-established epithet “Pearl of Africa”. Modern-day visitors still travel here to surely marvel at the country’s natural beauty, diverse wildlife and fascinating cultures.

Uganda’s landscape is uniquely diverse. Additionally from the wildlife inhabited savannah plains to glacier-covered mountains. Also from tracking endangered mountain gorillas in the rainforest to rushing down the rapids of the mighty Nile. No two days in Uganda are ever the same. Uganda Safaris & Tours

Meanwhile, on your journey, you can also visit our closest living relative, the chimpanzee. Or go searching for the prehistoric-looking Shoebill. One of over 1000 bird species to be found in the country. Furthermore, for the more adventurous travelers, mountain biking, volcano hiking, and kayaking await!

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Rwanda - Uganda Tourism Industry
RWANDA – UGANDA TOURISM INDUSTRY TO FLOURISH AGAIN Tourism industry was among the many businesses affected due to closure of Gatuna – Katuna crossing in February 2019 by Rwanda. After accusing  Uganda of supporting rebel groups in order to destabilize Rwanda. Tourism being one of Uganda’s economic mainstays and as Rwanda contributing to the biggest visitor...
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African Lions in the Jungle
What is so special about African Lions in the Jungle that he rules the jungle? African Lions in the Jungle, It is widely known among nature addicts. That the lion is the king of the jungle. Whether or not the lioness is the queen is up to the king to decide. As for us we...
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Unforgettable experience in Queen Elizabeth
UNFORGETTABLE EXPERINECE IN QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK Once on your Unforgettable Experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park trip to Uganda you will really realize that Uganda is a pearl of Africa as it was named by Winston Churchill, who first called Uganda the Pearl of Africa in his 1908. Uganda is a home to very...
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Unforgettable Gorilla Trekking Destinations
UNFORGETTABLE GORILLA TREKKING DESTINATIONS IN AFRICA. In regards to Unforgettable Gorilla Trekking Destinations in Africa, Africa is the only place to go for gorilla tracking, three countries represent others in hosting these endangered apes these include Uganda (Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park) both parks are located in the south...
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is Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette?
Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette to ensure that trekkers are safe from any threat and attacks from the gentle giants trekking guideline was made for trekkers. As well also to safeguard the endangered apes in their natural settings during the trekking activities. Though gorillas are fully habituated to trekking they’re wild animals that...
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Are the mountain Gorillas aggressive animals?
Are the mountain Gorillas aggressive animals? The animals are most loved for their interactionism once encountered in their natural habitats. Are the mountain gorillas aggressive animals? Can gorillas attack people when trekking? If they are how safe are the trekkers of these aggressive and potentially dangerous wild animals? Many travelers/ people are curious about the...
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