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African Lions in the Jungle

What is so special about African Lions in the Jungle that he rules the jungle?

African Lions in the Jungle, It is widely known among nature addicts. That the lion is the king of the jungle. Whether or not the lioness is the queen is up to the king to decide. As for us we shall salute the king himself and of course. For a reason, he has certainly empowered the girl child (lioness) which forms an irresistible hunting force that no prey would dare. There are surely only one species of lion, which is known scientifically as Panthera leo. There are two recognized subspecies, the African lion and the Asiatic lion. Often described as the king of the jungle, lions are social and well-known as
Africa’s biggest cat species.

The African lion is a widely distributed member of the family. That holds an indisputable position on the list of the big five. The lion is Africa’s pride that showcases the boldness, determination, and courage of an African child. At present, the lion’s main stronghold is in subSaharan Africa. And the Asiatic lion exists only as a remnant population made up of approximately 500 individuals. Inhabiting India’s Gir National Park on the Kathiawar Peninsula. Though few individuals of the lion exist, their prey still bows their heads in respect to the king of the jungle.


Like the champions saying goes “work less but work smart”. The lion did not take this for granted and decided to put it in practice spending most of its time (about 20 hours) sleeping. To appreciate the smartness of the lion. We shall make reference to its prey to give us their story of how the 4 hours active period of the lion feels like a whole century of living in fear of whether they will be alive in the next hour.

Hard work is a true virtue of an African child. Hence every cub is expected to make their way through life. At the age of about 3 months, the cubs are good enough to play an important role in the family. A king  will always get what he wants as when and when he demands. The lion has exceptionally invented its own way of getting whatever it wants. Should the lioness delay to come on heat, the lion will not hesitate to kill the cubs to induce the heat process.

Despite their courageous character, the lions have also had to deal with a short lifespan of about 17 years. This unbelievably short lifespan is widely attributed to the carnivorous feeding habit of lions. Meat being a complex protein. Survival for the newly born cubs is less. Since most of them are born blind and hence vulnerable to other predators and starvation.


If you haven’t had a chance to interface with these royals. A safari trip to East Africa is the million-dollar idea that you would ever conceive. From the gallant pride of Serengeti to the royal plains of Masaai Mara. Of course, the proud kings and queens of Ishasa who chose to elevate their social status. And observe the plains of Queen Elizabeth from the self-made fig tree thrones of Ishasha. Will leave you pondering on how amazing nature can be. Despite being royals who enjoy most privileges in the kingdom. The lion acknowledges the need for socializing hence stays in groups of up to 30 individuals. As expected, the king will demand his respect in the group.

The dominant male is charged with protecting the sovereignty and integrity of the territory. While the empowered queens hunt to bring food to the table. As a tradition in Africa, the king eats first. And hence the word was chosen correctly to call it the “lion share”. The king is calling, Africa is calling, and the jungle is calling. Come experience the magic of the African Pride

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