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Ruhija Sector

Ruhija Sector

Ruhija Sector one of the gorilla trekking sectors located in eastern part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The park known for its lush and dense forests as well as home to endangered mountain gorillas. The forest is also one of the most important conservation areas in Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Those who visit this sector get a chance to see magnificent primates in their natural habitat. Ruhija found between the congested sectors known as Buhoma and Kibale town in the south. Which makes it easier to access from both the northern and southern directions. You can as well enjoy a fascinating game drive or see tree-climbing lions. Later after gorilla trekking in Queen Elizabeth National Park because the sector connects and stretches up to Queen Elizabeth.

The sector  filled with beauty behind hills, rich biodiversity and a good number of bird species. Which makes it a good destination for bird lovers and those looking for enthusiasts as well. The sector offers an ultimate and tranquil gorilla trekking experience compared to the other three sectors in the park. This makes it a good place for individuals seeking for quieter and less crowded encounters with these primates.

Tourism in the Ruhija Sector primarily revolves around gorilla tracking. Visitors from all over the world come here to experience the incredible opportunity of seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The sector is home to several habituated gorilla families, this means that they have become accustomed to the presence of humans. And therefore, observed at a safe distance during guided treks. Tracking gorillas require permits and are led by experienced ranger guides who help visitors locate the gorillas.

Ruhija Sector provides a unique and immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Hence offering a chance to engage with the incredible biodiversity and natural beauty of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, while contributing to conservation efforts to protect the mountain gorillas and their habitat.

Meanwhile, Ruhija sector has a few gorilla groups compared to other sectors. Which makes it less crowded and a phenomenon because of its location. Ruhija gorilla trekking sector not only allows you to trek mountain gorillas, but you can as well engage in other activities like bird watching. Since it is a popular place for a number of birds, relax at Lake Bunyonyi filled with fascinating hills and island which is a perfect area to relax body and soul.

You can go on a primate walk giving you a chance to spot different primates like olive baboons, red-tailored monkeys and black and white monkeys swinging from one tree branch to another.

Ruhija gorilla sector has four gorilla families namely Kyaguriro, Mukiza, Bitukura and Oruzogo. All of which are habituated hence providing 32 gorilla permits each day for gorilla trekking.

Gorilla family in Ruhija sector

Gorilla family in Ruhija sector

Gorilla trekking groups in Ruhija Sector  

Oruzogo Group

The Oruzogo gorilla group got its name from the famous “Oruzogo” plant where it was seen for the first time. This group is one of the fully habituated gorilla trekking groups in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Oruzogo gorilla group is one of the biggest gorilla groups in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. With 17 individual gorillas led by a silverback called Bakwata.

The Oruzogo gorilla group fully opened for trekking by the Uganda Wildlife Authority in 2011. The group has turned out to be the most favored family because it’s very entertaining and joyful around visitors.


Bitukura Group

Bitukura gorilla group one of the four gorilla trekking groups found in the Ruhija gorilla sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The Bitukura gorilla family fully habituated and opened to tourists for trekking in 2007. Bitukura gorilla group is the only group among all the groups of Bwindi impenetrable Forest. That was fully habituated in a period of one year. Usually, the full habituation processes of other gorilla groups last for 2 to 3 years in order for the process to be successfully completed. The Bitukura gorilla group has 14 individuals including 4 silverbacks and it was habituated in 2007. It also has 4 females, 2 juveniles, 3 infants and 1 infant. Initially, Bitukura gorilla group had 24 individuals but due to several fights, some individuals moved to other areas.

Bitukura gorilla group obtained its name after river Bitukura where it was seen for the first time. This group is famous for being friendly and peaceful in the Ruhija gorilla sector.


Mukiza Group

The Mukiza gorilla group one of the 4 gorilla trekking groups found in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This group headed by the dominant silverback Mukiza, the group came into existence in 2016 after its separation from the mother group Kyaguriro. Mukiza group currently composed of 13 members and these are; 1 silverback “Mukiza”, 6 adult females, 1 sub-adult juvenile and 3 infants.


Kyaguriro Group

The Kyaguriro group one of the oldest families in the impenetrable forest, it is also one of the most popular groups in the Ruhija sector. Kyaguriro group availed to tourists for trekking after the demand for gorilla trekking permits went high in the Ruhija sector in 2000. When Kyaguriro group was under the habituation process, it was headed by Zeus Silverback. He later had a fight with silverback Rukina who fully disciplined and banished him to the forest, later, Zeus died in exile. After the death of Zeus’, the family  overtaken and led by Rukina  the silverback next in line. Rukina later struck by lightning and died on spot.


Activities in Ruhija Sector

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking in Ruhija sector involves hiking through the dense rainforest in search of the gorilla group assigned to. Once the gorillas are found, visitors spend a maximum of 1 hour in the presence of these magnificent creatures. This hour spent observing and photographing them. An experienced ranger guide will be with you throughout the entire experience.


Batwa culture experience

The Batwa culture experience  one of the other best activities or things to do. After gorilla trekking in the Ruhija gorilla sector every traveler would wish to do. On the Batwa cultural experience tour one guided by one of the Batwa guides. Giving you an opportunity to learn about the traditional forest life of the Batwa who stayed in Bwindi Forest for decades making it historically a home of the Batwa. One will also enjoy the traditional cultural dances of the Batwa and other indigenous practices. This activity  best enjoyed after your gorilla trekking as it takes 2-3 hours. Travel with Kisoro Tours Uganda for your lifetime experience.


Nature walk

One can as well choose to go for a nature walk along the Forest. This forest walk is a very exciting activity that gives a great opportunity to study tree species as well as other wildlife species in the forest, like birds and butterflies.


Bird watching

Bird watching enjoyed during or after gorilla trekking activity in Bwindi which has over 400 known bird species. While you stay here, you will have a chance to spot some bird species and the main place for birding in the Ruhija Sector is at Mubwindi Swamp. Ruhija Sector offers opportunities for bird watching, as the forest is rich in avian biodiversity, including numerous endemics and rare species. The lush vegetation and diverse ecosystems also make it a haven for other wildlife species.

 Waterfall Visits

Discover the picturesque waterfalls nestled within the Ruhija sector of Bwindi. Enjoy the beauty of the cascading waters and relax in the serene surroundings as you take memorable pictures.  Worth noting that some of these activities may require additional arrangements, therefore, recommended to book in advance for your adventure activities in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Cycling Tours

After gorilla trekking, guided bicycle tours organized for you to visit the communities and neighboring villages bordering the Camp.

 How to get to Ruhija Sector

By Road, One can get to the Ruhija gorilla sector from Kampala by private transport. Which is approximately 8-10 hours.

By Air, You can fly to Kisoro or Kihihi airstrip from Entebbe airport. Then from here you drive for about 2 hours to get to Ruhija gorilla sector

 Accommodations in Ruhija Sector

Ruhija has numerous accommodations that visitors can rest and relax before. And after a tiring Gorilla Trekking Experience and they include;

Gorilla Mist Camp, Bakiga Lodge, Trekkers Tavern cottages, Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge, Broadbill Forest Camp, Gift of Nature Lodge, Ruhija Community Rest Camp, Ruhija Gorilla friend’s resort, Chameleon hill Lodge, Bwindi Trekkers Tarvan Cottages, Agandi Lodge among others.