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Primate Lodge Kibale/ Uganda lodges/ Kibale Forest National Park

Primate Lodge Kibale

Primate Lodge Kibale is a gateway to the heart of Kibale Forest National Park. The Lodge is eco – Friendly and it actively contributes to conservation efforts by engaging with the local communities. Experience the world renowned hospitality with Uganda’s primates’ paradise. A  home to over 13 different species of primates and numerous mammals, butterflies and birds.

Primate Lodge Kibale’s principal edge our location, tucked deep in the forest and right next door to the starting point for Chimpanzee trekking excursion. As well as the incredible Chimpanzee Habituation.

All of our nine spacious and en-suite Luxury Cottages, each secluded deep in the forest for maximum privacy and a natural ‘living in nature’ feel, come complete with 2x Double size Bed or 1x King Size Bed, a sitting area with two comfortable arm chairs, a reading table and an adjoining large veranda with excellent views to the forest.

We also have a honeymoon cottage as a double occupancy, it is very popular with honeymooners, anniversaries and the ‘hopeless romantics’ who can also enjoy private lounging and dining at the extensive cottage and a private veranda that seems to go right into the forest.

Other lodge amenities include a massage parlor, spacious dining terrace, a well-stocked bar, complimentary room service, a secluded lounge area with a small library, an evening campfire, free laundry service as well as free Wi-Fi in the public areas.


Restaurant & Bar

Following the winding path you will find the main lodge located in the lush greenery. In the spacious dining room delicious meals, both international and traditional African dishes, are served with a smile. Adjacent to the restaurant is a well-stocked bar where you can have a fresh cup of coffee or other drink, while enjoying the magical forest that encloses the lodge.


Lounge area

An open lounge area is furnished with comfortable large chairs, sofas and soft cushions, making it the ideal place to unwind and listen to the chattering of the red-tailed monkeys in the dense branches.


Camp Fire

Following the winding path you will find the main lodge located in the lush greenery. In the spacious dining room delicious meals, both international and traditional African dishes, are served with a smile.

Chimpanzee Trekking

The forest opens its doors for a sensational chimpanzee trekking. Enjoy a guided primate walk in the lush expenses of the tropical rainforest, in search of the wild chimpanzees. The ranger guide will explain you more about the animals and plants species that you encounter on your way. Also look out for other primates like the Red-Colobus Monkeys and Mangabey. Birds such as crowned hornbills, malachite kingfishers, woodland kingfishers, blue breasted giant kingfishers, turacos, robin charts etc. Tracks of mammals and much more!

Chimpanzee Habituation

Watch the chimps waking up, searching for food, resting, playing and going to sleep again. With the Habituation Experience you will spend an entire day with these amazing creatures and learn about their way of life. Great Blue TuracoThe project, initiated by Uganda Wildlife Authority in cooperation. With the Jane Goodall Institute, focuses on habituating the chimpanzees to human presence, without necessarily altering their natural behaviour.

Forest walk

Be educated and entertained by experienced ranger guides. This walk especially caters for children who are too young to participate in the chimp tracking. While the parents enjoy their chimpanzee experience, the young ones will go for a forest walk and learn more about the ecosystem, followed by creative activities and games.


Accompanied by a guide, you will follow the forest trails and look out for different types of birds. Of the 325 that are recorded in this national park, 6 species of birds  endemic to the Albertine Rift region, including the Black-capped Apalis, Blue-headed Sunbird, Collared Apalis, Dusky Crimsonwing, Purple-breasted Sunbird and Red-faced Woodland Warbler.


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