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Opportunities and Challenges for tourism growth in Uganda

Opportunities and Challenges for tourism growth in Uganda

Opportunities and Challenges for tourism growth in Uganda, Tourism in Uganda is highly growing. And there are amazing attractions only found in Uganda. There are attractions that put Uganda at an advantage. This makes the pearl of Africa a best destination in Africa

What are opportunity of tourism in Uganda?

There are so many opportunities taken advantage of by tourists or travelers and even investor s interested in tourism industry.

Uganda is rich in biodiversity with diverse wildlife. For example, Queen Elizabeth is the 6th diverse national park in the world where you can find more than 600 bird species and over 95 mammal species. Uganda is a home to more than half of the population of mountain gorillas. These and more are attractions that draw tourists seeking authentic wildlife experience in Africa.

There are amazing cultural heritage sites like Kasubi royal tombs and traditional kingdoms. Like Buganda, Busoga, Toro and Bunyoro kingdoms among others. These kingdoms are heritage sites and visited anytime by tourists.

Uganda  blessed with diverse land scape like mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, forests, lakes and other natural endowments. These boost activities like mountain climbing, hiking and trekking, birding and even white water rafting especially on River Nile.

What are other tourism opportunities? There is community based tourism where the local communities are engaged and are directly benefiting from tourism. For example, ride 4 a woman a community project started by the locals. And now it is one of the good lodges in Buhoma sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

What are challenges in tourism industry in Uganda?

There are challenges and some of them are being worked on by the government and the local individuals.

Poor infrastructures like roads in national parks and other destination areas.

They need improvement like accessing Kidepo Valley national park which has poor roads. There are those worked on like in Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national parks. Good infrastructures make it easy to access these places in short time. There is also Hoima international airport also known as Kabalega international airport which is new in Uganda. Construction almost done and this will ease moments in the country and beyond.

Low marketing strategies

Need to have more resources in marketing and more marketing tools. Some destinations and attractions in Uganda not well known by potential travelers and this is due to lack of enough marketing.  On a number of occasions, tourists are shocked when they see the beauty of Uganda that they had not seen in any media. There is a need for government to allocate more resources for marketing.

Need for sustainable tourism in Uganda

There is also a need to foster sustainable tourism in Uganda, travelers and the locals like in waste management especially use of practices and water usage. On the other side part of this has been done such as tourists participating in making local brew, coffee making and even participating in daces and other cultural practices. Following trails and keeping distance while viewing the wildlife is also a positive response being practices in Uganda.

Improvement in regional tourism

Promoting regional tourism especially in East Africa block is should be improved. For example, tourist visa ca be used by traveler in East African countries and should be extended to all surrounding countries like Democratic republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Somalia. This can be added on the countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda where travelers can use one single visa to visit any of these countries.

Anti-poaching campaigns

Ugandans have been cooperative in anti-poaching campaigns in all national parks and reserves where wildlife is protected and conserved. Local communities have been encouraged to engage in producing goods and souvenirs which can be bought by tourists. This has helped in preserving the art and skills of the local artisans and craft makers.

Disease outbreak

There is also a health challenge of Malaria and other diseases, however it has been curbed by distribution of mosquito nets to every part of the country. Tourists are encouraged to sleep under these mosquito nets which are found in ever lodge in national parks and outside parks. Use of mosquito repellent is also encouraged.

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