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Nile Safari lodge

Nile Safari lodge

Nile Safari Lodge is a wholly-owned family eco-friendly lodge, started in 2017 with a long-term dream of creating and offering a unique experience in the Pearl of Africa. To share the beauty of the region we grew up in and hold very close to our hearts. Our purpose and drive is to offer experiences and memories that enable our guests to “Escape the Ordinary“. Nile Safari Lodge offers a magical escape in the most luxurious, tranquil and eco-friendly setting in Uganda. Explore the breathtaking views of the River Nile from every corner of our lodge.

Escape the ordinary and experience the awe-inspiring spectacles. That we have to offer on the banks of the world’s longest river and Uganda’s largest national park – Murchison Falls National Park.

Nile Safari Lodge  situated in Eastern Africa, in Uganda. Located in the northern region of Uganda, nestled within Murchison Falls National Park. Our lodge positioned on the southern bank of the White Nile. The lodge sits on 32 Acres providing accommodation in 8 luxurious Banda (Villas) with the following amenities on site. A spacious open restaurant, lounge bar, an infinity pool, floating massage, camp fires, and star beds.


Explore, relax and experience eco-conscious accommodations, organic cuisine, and environmentally friendly practices. As we contribute to the preservation of our planet. Yes, the lodge is a member of Beyond Green, which stands for Nature, Community, and Culture, always with gratitude and respect.  However, the lodge has an ultraviolet water-purification system. That runs on 100% solar energy, makes single-use plastic bottles obsolete, and works very closely with the local community.

Responsible Tourism
Biodiversity Conservation

We proudly support the “Snares to Wares” youth anti-poaching programme. This initiative not only aims to rehabilitate poachers. But also serves as a beacon for community education on wildlife and environmental conservation. The youth involved showcase their creativity by repurposing wire snares into captivating sculptures of wildlife. Available for purchase at our lodge’s gift shop. All proceeds from these items go back into building the community and protection of the wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park.

Cultural Conservation

Preserving and celebrating cultural heritage is woven into the fabric of Nile Safari Lodge. Once a week, our guests are entertained by the enchanting tunes of the Adungu band, giving them a harmonious journey into the local musical traditions.

To deepen cultural understanding, we guide our guests on enlightening community walks that unravel the intricacies of our neighboring community’s culture. These walks are an insightful exploration fostering connections and knowledge.

Our gift shop is a treasure trove of artefacts, each piece a testament to the vibrant craftsmanship of the local community. By curating these cultural experiences, we not only entertain but also contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage that makes our surroundings so unique.

Waste management policy

Our waste management policies highlight the Lodge’s commitment to responsible environmental practices of turning waste into a valuable resource while actively participating in reducing plastic waste.

Compost waste finds a meaningful purpose in our on-site greenhouse, contributing to cultivating herbs and vegetables without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

All wastewater undergoes an automated thorough three-phase treatment process before meticulous testing and responsible disposal.

Due to our stringent no-plastics policy, we provide our guests with reusable water bottles upon arrival for personal use on the property. This contributes to our efforts to reduce plastic waste.

Sustainable Agriculture/On-site Green House

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is showcased through our on-site greenhouse. We cultivate a variety of herbs and vegetables, proudly adhering to organic practices that exclude pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This initiative not only ensures a fresh and healthy supply for our kitchen. But also contributes to a greener and more environmentally conscious approach to food production.



Our exclusive lodge contains only eight secluded luxurious bandas, each designed to be your home away from home, throughout your stay giving you the ultimate privacy and comfort. Each banda is composed with a thatched roof, spacious seating area, day bed, a generous mosquito net, en-suite facilities with indoor and outdoor showers and a private viewing deck with a swing chair and deck chairs.

Your banda is your window onto some of the world’s most spectacular scenery.


We serve delicious new recipes and cater to different meal preferences from vegetarian to non-vegetarian options.

We serve À la carte menu, which cater to different preferences and adapted to our clientele dietary requirements. Our cuisine is continental as well as local, we offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan options.

Game Drives;

undoubtedly the highlight of any safari is a game drive. From the comfort of our open 9-seater 4×4 safari vehicle. Inclusive of fuel, driver and guide.

Nile River Cruise;

an excellent alternative to the game drive is an exciting cruise on our 15-passenger boat along the green and lush curves of the mystical Nile, with a perfect view of the Murchison Falls.

Brunch at the Top of the Falls;

The best breakfast with a beautiful view of the Murchison Falls. Imagine a bubbly drink in one hand as your eyes gaze through the most powerful waterfall in Uganda.

Murchison Falls Trek;

Hiking to the top of Murchison Falls is one of the most exhilarating activities.  Meanwhile, it offers hikers a chance to watch the birds, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the River Nile; and the spectacular scenery of Murchison Falls National Park.

Chimpanzee Trekking;

Uganda has a modest population of about five thousand chimpanzees distributed throughout the country, across various forests and game parks. Budongo forest is the biggest Mahogany forest found in the whole of East Africa. As well as being a habitat to the largest number of chimpanzees throughout Uganda. Distance is 35 km from Nile Safari Lodge.

Fishing On the River Nile;

Sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park is an activity you can take part in to revamp your African wilderness travel experience. Sport fishing in Uganda is a rewarding activity for an avid angler. With eagerness and love for a real adventure in the African wilderness.

Rhino Tracking;

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only place to see rhinos in Uganda! So if you’re looking to complete your ‘big five’ game checklist you’ll need to stop here. It is situated along the Kampala – Gulu Highway and is approximately 180km by road; this is about half of the journey to Murchison Falls National Park.