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Kyaninga Lodge

Kyaninga Lodge

Kyaninga Lodge is a luxurious retreat amidst Uganda’s Natural Splendor. This exclusive lodge offers unforgettable experience, combing opulent accommodations with breathtaking views and a commitment to environmental conservation. The lodge known for its unique and beautifully designed cottages each perched on the of the Crater Lake.

Kyaninga Lodge is located on the edge of an extinct volcanic crater lake. Next to a natural forest in Fort Portal. Kyaninga Lodge  built by an Englishman Steve Williams. Standing one day on the rim of the ancient Crater Lake at Kyaninga. Inspired to embark on a remarkable innovative project. His creative vision resulted into a stunning luxury lodge, unlike anything else in Uganda. Kyaninga Lodge is perfect for your stay in the Pearl of Africa. And named one of Fodor Travel’s Best Hotels in Africa for 2022.


An incredible feat of innovation…

Two years spent training the local communities in the skills required for the lodge´s construction. Built over 6 years without cranes or lifting machines, from locally sourced sustainable wood. It now runs almost entirely on solar power. Kyaninga Lodge completed in 2010, an incredible feat of innovation and collaboration, leaving a team of qualified Ugandans to continue eco building in Uganda.

The exceptional design and sheer scale of the main lodge is immediately apparent from the moment one crests the hill and Kyaninga Lodge comes into view. Log cabins are eco-friendly, requiring 8x less trees to build, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than standard homes. Kyaninga Lodge has invested in reforestation and green building practices. Staying at Kyaninga minimizes your carbon footprint.

Lodge designs

Great emphasisplaced on ensuring that all the building materials used in the construction sourced locally to blend in with the landscape. For instance the stone pillars, made from the volcanic rock that forms the crater and all the timber used, whether eucalyptus for the logs or Elgon Olive for the furniture. Even the grass used for thatching is the local Ssemliki variety. Experts from Europe  invited to come and teach the local people various trades including thatching, masonry, welding, carpentry, electrics and plumbing.  Furthermore, all materials  moved into place by hand. Over 130 people  required to complete the project.

The main building houses the restaurant, including two raised galleries for those wishing to absorb the panorama in a more private setting. Breakfast and lunch are served inside the restaurant or al fresco on one of our terrace tables. The bar area features an imposing double-sided open fireplace, lit every evening around sunset.

Below the main lodge are two decks furnished with comfortable loungers, with steps hewn from local volcanic rock which lead down to the swimming pool and onto two lawned terraces overlooking the deep blue water and primeval forest of Lake Kyaninga itself.

Activities to Enchant

The lodge offers a range of activities that cater to every date taste. Guests can embark on boat trips across Lake Kyaninga taking in the breathtaking scenery and spotting aquatic life. Guided Hikes around the crater that provide an opportunity to see untamed beauty.



Dining at Kyaninga is an experience in itself. Our chef crafts a daily menu celebrating both local and international cuisines showcasing the finest local ingredients, picked from our own kitchen garden and the neighboring markets. Meals are served in the main lodge’s dining room, furnished with exquisitely textured Elgon Olive and Mvule furniture made on site, with spectacular views on both sides. An extensive wine list from our cellars ensures all meals will find the perfect accompaniment. Special dietary requirements can be catered for on request.


Wellness Centre

At Kyaninga Lodge we believe our guests should leave rejuvenated in body as well as spirit. You can choose simply to lounge by the pool or indulge in one of our spa treatments. Situated on a cantilevered platform on one of the lawned terraces is our Wellness Centre with some of the best views of the lake that Kyaninga Lodge has to offer.

Our Wellness Centre staff have received extensive training and incorporate locally-sourced seasonal ingredients into their treatments, which include Chinese, Swedish, deep tissue and aromatherapy massages, facials, reflexology, manicures and pedicures.


The Kyaninga Family

From the very first greeting you feel the genuine warmth and Ugandan hospitality of our staff whose aim is to create a welcoming ambience where you can unwind, relax and enjoy your stay to the full. We take pride in creating experiences that will stay with you long after you leave.