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Gorilla families in Uganda

Gorilla families in Uganda

There are four sectors in Bwindi impenetrable national park and each sector is a home to Gorilla families in Uganda . There are many determinants for the naming of the families and the members. These gorilla family names depend on their body shapes, their locations and the environment around them. Bishegura family named after the “ebishegura” which means the tree species around the area this family used to stay and eat from.

Mabare family  the first family habituated and  named after Mabare hill where they used to stay and feed from. Some families also named after their silverbacks or family heads.

Bwimndi impenetrable national park

Buhoma sector
  1. Katwe gorilla family 9 members
  2. Rushegura gorilla family 20 members
  3. Mabare gorilla family 18 members headed bu Ruhondeza and habituated in 1991
  4. Habiyanja gorilla family 18 members headed by Makara
Rushaga Sector
  1. Kahungye gorilla family 18 members habituated in 2011
  2. Muchunguzi gorilla family 8 members
  3. Bigyingi gorilla family 12 members
  4. Bweza gorilla family 9 members Habituated in 2011
  5. Mishaya gorilla family 10 members headed by Mishaya
  6. Busingye gorilla family 10 members splint from Nshongi and  headed by Busingye.
  7. Nshongi gorilla family 25 members the largest group and headed by 2 silverbacks.
  8. Kutu Gorilla family 8 members headed by Kutu
Ruhija Sector
  1. Bitukura gorilla family, 13 members Habituated in 2008 and headed by Ndahura.
  2. Mukiza gorilla family 15 members headed by Mukiza
  3. Oruzogo gorilla family 22 members headed by Tibirikwata
  4. Kyaguriro gorilla family 9 members purposely for research and  headed by Rukina.
  5. Bitukura gorilla family 13 members habituated in 2008 and  headed by Ndahura.
Nkuringo sector
  1. Nkuringo Gorilla family 12 members habituated in 2004 and  headed by Rwamutwe
  2. Bushaho gorilla family 12 members headed by Bahati
  3. Christmas gorilla family 6 members headed by Christmas and splint from Nkuringo family which was formally headed by Rafiki a brother to Christmas.
Mgahinga Gorilla national park
  1. Nyakagezi gorilla family 10 members


What you should know about gorilla families

Each gorilla family  headed by a Silverback which is unreputable leader and coeces the family together. He is responsible for organizing and officiating family activities like feeding and making nests.

Silverback is responsible for protecting the family members from the outsiders or invaders. It should be noted that he can protect them to the extent of losing his own life. When a family member leaves his family, it can take more than two years to be accepted another.

Gorilla trekking is an activity you should never miss. You get to learn the dynamics of gorilla families hands on experience and in their natural habitats.