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Boat Cruise Experience in Uganda

Boat cruise experience in Uganda

Boat cruise experience in Uganda is very common in Uganda especially in national parks.  Like Murchison falls, Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth national parks in Uganda. Other spots for boat cruise in Uganda include Jinja, Entebbe boat cruise and Kampala all on Lake Victoria.

What are the boat cruise to look out for in Uganda? There are many of them as listed below;

Murchison falls boat cruise:

This is the best destination for boat cruise experience in the country and the most entertaining activity. The boat cruises against the tides of the Nile delta from Paraa to the bottom of the falls. Murchison falls is the most powerful waterfalls in Uganda and you can enjoy this experience to where you have the stunning view of the falls from the bottom.

There is also Albert delta boat cruise where the boat sails from Paraa downwards as you meet the floating islands with beautiful papyrus zones. This cruise is famous for spotting the prehistoric bird Shoebill Stork. Also known as sundowners trip downstream and should be on your itinerary.

While on the way, you can expect to spot wildlife like elephants and waterbucks on the river banks and also known to have the highest number of Nile crocodiles. Birds also spotted while on this cruise and hippos are all over the river and easily sighted.

A trip to Murchison falls national park is incomplete without boat cruise and in fact others refer to it as a switch to wildlife entertainment and viewing. You can use a scheduled boat trip or use a private one depending on your budget.

Boat cruise on Kazinga channel:

Boat cruise at one section of queen Elizabeth national park is a whole new experience to all visitors in this savannah park. The 40km Kazinga channel is indeed a water channel that connects Lake Edward and Lake George. This channel has the highest concentration of hippos in Uganda and other wildlife spotted like buffaloes, elephants and crocodiles among others.

This boat cruise gives a very different experience from that you have had in other parts of Africa. Some visitors have described this Mweya peninsular boat cruise experience as the highlight of the Uganda safari. It gives you a summary of what you have experienced on your trip in Uganda.

Kazinga channel boat cruise  conducted by experiences and professional tour guides which gives you a chance to learn about behaviors of different animals. You will experience other animals like hippos and crocodiles which you cannot see in the park.

Kazinga channel boat cruise believed to be the best experience that visitors enjoy most while on a safari in Uganda. Therefore, your itinerary is incomplete if you do not include boat cruise on Kazinga channel on it.

Boat cruise at lake Mburo:

Lake Mburo renders the name to the park which is Lake Mburo national park and is one of the best and smallest savannah national parks in Uganda. There are other 13 lakes in the area and lake Mburo is the largest. It is only this national park that has got a lake within and this gives an experience to travelers to enjoy the park.

On this boat cruise, travelers traverse the lake and can spot different aquatic wildlife especially hippos and even water birds. Boat cruise on Lake Mburo also  for sports fishing which is another unique activity that can be done in Lake Mburo national park.

This two hours’ boat cruise experience launches from Rwonyo and brings you closer to the big, medium and small wildlife that flock the shores.  Other animals like the hippos which call this lake home are also spotted on this boat cruise.

Lake Mburo national park a home to more than 350 bird species and therefore during the boat cruise you can spot birds like; Shoebill stork, African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, and various egrets, herons, Ross’s turaco and Narina trogon among others. 8

Boat cruise to the Source of River Nile:

This is found in Jinja in Uganda and  one of the most exciting boat cruises in Uganda. It takes less than 30 min on a speed boat but as visitors to explore the area better it lasts for one hour. The boat takes you to the very sport where river Nile the longest river separates from Lake Victoria and John Speke was the first European to discover this spot.

This experience happens at the source of the Nile in Busoga side and you can join at any time because there is no scheduled trip to the Nile source. When you are on adventure in Jinja, this is an activity that should never miss on your itinerary.

Entebbe boat cruise:

Entebbe is a tourist city and being in the peninsular of Lake Victoria, there are more exciting areas to visit by boat. The most interesting one is an engine boat to Mabamba swamp for birding. Mabamba swamp a home to the famous shoebill stork and accessed through Nakiwogo landing site.

Boat cruise to the Equator is another experience in Entebbe and a great moment to take photos and have fun with friends. This boat takes you to the equator line that is in the middle of kale Victoria and can be accessed near Sand Beach just next to Protea Hotel Entebbe.

Other Boat cruises and Canoeing in Uganda:

There are other interesting boat experiences and happens in different places especially Lake Mutanda in Kisoro and Lake Bunyonyi. This is a great experience  combined with gorilla tracking safari. You can explore with the local community when you are doing birdwatching at the same time.

Canoeing  also done on river Nile and Lake Victoria especially sports fishing. Jinja a hot spot for this experience and spiced with birdwatching along the Nile shores.

There are other boat cruises and canoeing experiences that you can enjoy on your trip to Uganda. You can contact our tour expert and plan a trip that can meet your expectations. Get in touch with us at info@paradiseadventurevacations.com