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Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi National Park is a hidden gem located in the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Kenya on the Eastern shores of Lake Turkana. This magnificent park is not only a sanctuary for abundant wildlife. But also a gateway to archeological wonders and ancient civilizations. Sibiloi National Park stands as a testament to the magnificence of untamed nature. With its expansive wilderness as well as its diverse ecosystems captivating the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts.

Established in 1973 by the government of Kenya to protect the wildlife and paleontological sites there. It covers 1,570sqkm and internationally known for its fossils. The Park consists of rugged terrain with awe-inspiring encounters with the majestic elephants, gracefully elegant giraffes, elusive lions and the enchanting sight of the rare Grevy’s zebras where every step brings the anticipation of witnessing the drama of nature unfold before your eyes. Bird enthusiasts are in for a treat as well.

As the park’s landscapes are adorned with a myriad of avian wonders, you will set your sights on the picturesque shores of Lake Turkana where you’ll be amazed by the vibrant hues of flamingos gracefully wading in the shallow waters, pelicans soaring through the skies and also an array of other avian species dancing amidst the tranquil surroundings. The harmonious coexistence of these feathered inhabitants add an elegant touch to the already mesmerizing landscape.

With every step you take in the Park, be prepared to be humbled by the sheer diversity and wonder of nature, whether you are captivated by the regal presence of the park’s iconic wildlife or captivated by the vibrant avian symphony, this destination is a true haven for all those who seek to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of the Natural World.

But the allure of Sibiloi National Park extends far beyond its wildlife, prepare to be taken back in time as you encounter two unique tribes; the Dassanech People and the Turkana People whose traditional way of life inter-twines accordingly with the surrounding environment.


Activities in Sibiloi National Park

It has a number of activities that Tourists can engage in such as;

Game Drives

Game drives in Sibiloi National Park is quite an amazing experience where one can be able to adventure a wide range of wildlife on semi-arid areas such as gravy’s Zebra, gerenuk, greater kudu, Beisa Oryx, lions, spotted hyenas, caracals, jackals, leopards among others.


Nature Walks

Here, Tourists engage in exploring through the Petrified Forest and also along the Koobi Fora spit. Thus this experience allows Visitors to get a close observation of the Park’s attractions, you will be guided by professional guides who will explain aspects about the different fossils and archaeological findings.


Cultural Visits

During your stay at Sibiloi National Park, you will visit the un-matched and rich traditions in the surrounding communities such as the Turkana, Dassanach and the Gabbra, interact with them and also learn about their amazing lifestyle and the clothing style.


Bird Watching

Sibiloi National Park is home to over 350 bird species, aquatic and terrestrial some of which are residential and migratory, like pelicans, African skimmers, crested lark, ducks, Huggins bustard and flamingoes to mention but a few.


When to Visit

Sibiloi National Park visited all year round.


How to Get to Sibiloi National Park

The park reached by both Road and Air Transport;

By Road

It takes 3 days to get to Lake Turkana from Nairobi through Marsabit and North Horr or Maralal and South Horr and it’s about 800km from Nairobi.

You can also use the Nairobi to Kalokol route via Kitale and Lodwar.


By Air

Tourists can fly from Nairobi to Lake Turkana, through airstrips in Marsabit, Kalokol, Loiyangalani, North Horr and Lodwar


Sibiloi Entry Gates

The park has three gates;

Karsa Gate

Alia bay Gate

Koobi Fora Gate


Accommodations in Sibiloi National Park

Accommodations are classified into Luxury, Mid-Range and Budget Accommodations and they include;

Luxury Accommodations

Oasis Lodge

Lobolo Tented Camp

Desert Rose Kenya

Malabo Resort


Mid-Range Accommodations

Jirime Resort

Sanfields Lodwar Camp