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Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park Kenya

Chyulu Hills National Park Kenya is an extension of the more popular Tsavo West NP. The green Chyulus one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world, formed only about 500 years ago. The volcanic scenery is fascinating, but human encroachment with cattle and poaching are major problems. There isn’t much wildlife around. A worthwhile activity is a visit to the Upper Leviathan Cave, which at 11.5km long, is one of the longest caves in the world.

There is no accommodation inside the park, but there are two very exclusive lodges offering a full range of activities in Masai concessions on the foothills of the Chyulu Hills.

Wildlife Safari Tours

Wildlife densities are low, and animals tend to be skittish because of heavy poaching. Some of the animals you might see are elandklipspringergiraffe, zebra, baboon, and Sykes’ monkey. Another big game that sometimes passes through from Tsavo West includes elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard. You might see some of their tracks, but you’re unlikely to spot their owner. Chyulu Hills National Park Kenya

Scenery Tour Activities

The volcanic mountains offer a fascinating mix of volcanic ash cones and barren lava flows. Big black rocks also pay testament to the volcanic origin of the mountains. The lava flows sparsely vegetated, but the upper slopes  home to 37 species of orchids. Deep beneath the hills is a catacomb of mostly unexplored caves.

Weather & Climate

The weather and climate of Chyulu Hills are comparable to that of Kenya in general. More info:

Best Time to Visit

Chyulu Hills  visited year-round, but wildlife viewing is usually best in the dry months from June to October and January to February. Visits during the peak of the short rains (November), and especially during the long rains (April and May), might be challenging.

The condition of the roads isn’t great, even in the Dry season, although it gets much worse after rain. A sturdy 4×4 is required throughout the year.

Getting There

Chyulu Hills is usually visited as a side trip from Tsavo West. It is located 232km/144mi from Nairobi and 250km/155mi from Mombasa.

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