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Papaya Lake Lodge

Papaya Lake Lodge

Papaya Lake Lodge is a paradise unveiled offering 5 star services in the heart of Nature. The lodge stands as an evidence to perfect fusion of luxury and nature. A place surrounded by the lush, evergreen landscapes of the Ugandan Great Crater Lakes region, set between two extinct volcanoes. Nestled against the turquoise waters of the Lyantonde and Kifuruka lakes and with panoramic views over the majestic Rwenzori Mountains.

An oasis of nine luxurious cottages, a restaurant and a beautiful swimming pool with a scenic terrace. A place established with great passion, appreciation of local culture and attention to detail that makes life worth living.

Established by a family who opted to abandon their European life to find a new home in the living heart of Africa. A home inspired by its surroundings and defined by all the best Uganda has to offer, yet beautifully refreshed by its own unique style, and the highest standard of service.


Papaya Lake Lodge is located in Kibale Forest National Park, It is approximately 5 hours to reach Lodge by car from the Entebbe International Airport. It is a comfortable drive west (on a tarmac road) towards Fort Portal, the region’s informal capital city.



Papaya’s fine cuisine combines culinary traditions from all corners of the World. The lodge’s restaurant serves dishes prepared using fresh and locally sourced ingredients which makes Papaya’s cuisine truly unique.

Sebastian travels frequently and he brings back new, interesting recipes from every place he visits, constantly enriching Papaya’s menu. It gives us great pleasure to introduce each new creation to our guests during unhurried dinner sessions. You will be able to enjoy Uganda’s captivating aromas while casually chatting the night away on the viewing deck under the stars.


Wellness and Relaxation

Papaya Lake Lodge I not just a retreat for body but also soul. The Spa facilities offer a range of treatments that makes a client be free from stress. Relaxing massages and wellness therapies allow guests to rejuvenate.



Papaya Craft is Magdalena’s innovative hobby. Wicker baskets, natural fiber rugs and hand-woven tablecloths are wonderful examples of local craftsmanship and rank high amongst the most popular souvenirs from Uganda. Magdalena decided to give the old-school weaving technique a subtle twist, combining various handcraft designs from across Africa. While remaining faithful to the traditional Ugandan production method and using natural ingredients such as grass, leaves and roots to prepare dyes, each of Magdalena’s creations also reflects her artistic temperament. They are not just excellent pieces of craft; they are true works of art.

Magdalena and Sebastian draw their inspiration from all over Africa. Each journey brings new souvenirs to the Papaya Craft Shop. They also support and try to infect you with love for contemporary African art, which is gaining increasingly more recognition globally.


Activities at the Lodge
Crater Lakes Exploration Tour

Experience the breathtaking views of 9 crater lakes in the area. Tour includes a visit to the crater lakes and lava pipe (called Mwitampungu which means a place that kills eagles) which is a volcanic hole that automatically sucks birds in flight and later releases them in an upward curve. We will also visit the local communities and several scenic view points.

Boda boda Tour

This motorcycle BODA BODA ADVENTURE includes a visit to 12 Crater Lakes, sightseeing with panoramic views, motorcycling through farmland with a variety of African food crops, and a visit to the lava pipe (called Mwitampungu which means a place that kills eagles). Here, Drivers drive carefully since they know the area perfectly plus every turn and holes.


Birding Tour

Best time of year to do birding: December – March, June – September at Papaya Lake Lodge. For bird enthusiast, we offer a birding tour in our local bush lands, around the lakes and swamps. Kibale Region brings us closer to amazing bird life like: African Crowned-Eagle, Afep Pigeon, Red-winged Francolin, Black-billed Turaco, Narina Trogon, Black Bee-eater, White-headed Wood Hoopoe, Yellow-rumped Tinker bird, African Pitta, Grey-winged Robin-chat, African Broadbill, Willcock’s & Thick-billed Honey guides, Cassin’s Honeybird, Mountain Wagtail, Velvet-mantled Drongo, Petit’s Cuckoo-Shrike, Joyful & Honeyguide Greenbuls, Banded Prinia, Masked Apalis, Black-and-white Flycatcher, Pink-footed Puffback etc.


Rwenzori Mountains Hot spring and Mini Hike Tour

The Rwenzori Mountains also known as Mountains of the moon. Give a reflection of the mist-shrouded mountains of this rugged massif. Hiking up into the mountain takes about 2hrs at the first camp. We spend 1hr at the camp, where we can relax in a natural healing bath in the hot spring and jump into the ice cold river just 6 meters away!

Enjoy a great view of the world around and below us, as you wait for a boiled egg snack cooked in the hot spring at 75 degrees Celsius. The Mini Hike tour in the Rwenzori National Park includes a hike up to 3012 m above sea level.