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AndBeyond Grumeti Serengeti river lodge

Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge

At And Beyond Grumeti Serengeti river lodge, guests come face to face with wildlife in Serengeti ranging from the roaming lions to small and big mammals in one of the super luxurious and topnotch lodges in Tanzania. Your African safari spent well hen at this luxury property. You enjoy the intimate and exclusive Serengeti safari experience, while at AndBeyond Grumeti Serengeti River lodge. The highlights of the lodge are: Hot air balloon, twice daily game drive, watching hippos in front of the lodge and seasonal experience of guided great migration.

Location of the lodge

Grumeti Serengeti River lodge is located in the remote western reaches of Serengeti national park in Tanzania. With prides of lions roaming and big mammals like hippos grazing, you feel that your private safari in this famous park is complete while at this luxurious lodge.
The lodge named after river Grumeti and  located at the banks of a tributary of this river. This gives a breathtaking view for sightings and goes unmatched. With very few lodges located in this far-flung location, travelers are assured of real, exclusive and intimate experience in Serengeti.

Activities at the lodge

The lodge offers morning and evening game drives where you can encounter various wild games in Serengeti national park. Uncountable prides of lions, herds of hippos and clans of hyenas are always encountered and other wild games hard to find in other parts of Serengeti.
You can also use the advantage of the perfect location for photography or enjoy the local experience with fishermen at Lake Victoria.

Rooms and accommodation

When you stay at Grumeti Serengeti River lodge, you will realize that sleeping under canvas is a genuinely calming experience and makes your stay more comfortable. Enjoy the sound of nature while on your bed with a stunning view in the windows that will make you appreciate this report side of Serengeti national park. Enjoy the deluxe rooms with unique modern comfort.
Comfort at the lodge and the amenities Enjoy other services for your comfort like soothing massage. Located near the Africa’s largest lake (Victoria) you can also interact with the local fishermen or have a moment for photography.
Meanwhile, Staff and Guides  are of world class and reviews have shown that they offer the best services in hospitality with professionalism and passion.
As a five star and one of the top luxurious lodges in Tanzania and entire Africa, Grumeti Serengeti River lodge is the best choice for authentic African experience. Paradise Adventure Vacations is proud to work with this luxurious lodge because of the positive reviews from clients who stay there.