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Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana Tented Camp offers the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. Surrounded by the beauty of Lake Mburo National Park, this camp provides a tranquil retreat. Where you can reconnect with nature and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re marveling at wildlife on a game drive, unwinding in your luxurious tent. Or simply basking in the serenity of the African bush, Mantana Tented Camp promises an unforgettable escape into the heart of Africa.

Located in Mbarara District and it’s found with the virgin lands of Lake Mburo National Park. The camp is strategically located to provide guests with breathtaking views of Lake Mburo and its surrounding savannah plains. The sight of acacia trees stretching towards the horizon and the sounds of birds chirping in the distance. Create an atmosphere of tranquility that immediately puts you at ease.

At Mantana Tented Camp, conservation and sustainability are core values that guide everything we do. The camp committed to minimizing its environmental impact through initiatives. Such as waste management, energy conservation, and community engagement. By staying at Mantana Tented Camp, guests not only have the opportunity to connect with nature. But also contribute to the preservation of Uganda’s precious ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.


Mantana Tented Camp has got approximately 9 that are constructed on the wooden platform in order to provide a spectacular view. Each tent is elegantly furnished with comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, and private verandas. Where you can unwind while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Whether you’re lounging in your tent or savoring a delicious meal at the camp’s restaurant, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the beauty of the African wilderness.


Dining at Mantana Tented Camp is not just a culinary experience. It’s a journey through the flavors of Uganda set against the backdrop of the magnificent African wilderness. From sunrise breakfasts to candlelit dinners under the stars, every meal at Mantana Tented Camp is a celebration of local ingredients, traditional recipes, and the vibrant culture of Uganda.

Game Drives

Experience the thrill of encountering Lake Mburo’s diverse wildlife. For instance  zebras, impalas, elands, buffaloes, Bush pig, Sitatunga, Side-striped jackal, Leopards and more on morning or evening game drives. Expert guides lead these drives, providing insights into the park’s ecosystems and inhabitants.

Boat Safaris

Take a scenic boat safari on Lake Mburo and observe hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of water birds up close like Blue-breastfed bee eater, Grey crowned crane, Black headed weaver, Red-faced barbet, African Wattled lapwing, Papyrus gonlek Saddle-billed stork .  Meanwhile, these boat trips offer a unique perspective of the park and its aquatic life.

Walking Safaris

Explore the park on foot with guided walking safaris, offering a more intimate and immersive wildlife viewing experience. Discover smaller creatures, learn about the park’s flora, and appreciate the serene beauty of the landscape.

Bird Watching

Lake Mburo National Park is a haven for birdwatchers, boasting over 300 species of birds such as  the rare shoebill stork, Blue-breastfed bee eater, Grey crowned crane, Black headed weaver, Red-faced barbet, African Wattled lapwing, Papyrus gonlek Saddle-billed stork. Guided bird watching tours are available, providing opportunities to spot various avian species in their natural habitat.

Cultural Encounters

Engage with the local communities surrounding Lake Mburo National Park to learn about their traditional ways of life, cultural practices, and crafts. Cultural tours may include visits to nearby villages, schools, and cultural performances.

Bush Breakfasts and Sundowners

Enjoy breakfast in the bush or sundowner cocktails against the backdrop of Lake Mburo’s stunning scenery. These experiences offer a chance to relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the park in a tranquil setting.

Nature Walks

Embark on guided nature walks to explore the park’s diverse habitats, from savannah plains to acacia woodlands. Learn about the interconnectedness of the ecosystem and the importance of conservation efforts.